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Hi guys,

If it's not obvious already I'm falling out of touch with this account. I only really post when I have half decent content which isn't often anymore. I don't have many musings anymore, at least nothing creative. Everything's kind of gross and ranty now.

My week's been flooded with drama and honestly so has this whole month. My school's production was painful and I'm honestly at the point where I feel like I'm too nice and like people are just take advantage of me, but then when I think that I think I'm being cocky and it's a whole big circle shitshow of self loathing. Also, in the first week of November I got dumped, then the election happened four days later.

Needless to say, I didn't have a good week, and it was a bad start to a bad month.

This week, I found out that basically everyone I was friends with in middle school is an asshole, and I really have no friends. All my friends I either don't know in real life, or are out of state. Last year's seniors came back to visit my school on Wednesday and I literally cried when I saw one of my best friends. I miss everyone so much. Them being back almost felt normal, as if I actually had friends and people who liked me again. I'm seriously regretting not graduating in three years.

On a better note, I just finished my college applications tonight, so I'm now waiting on hearing back from seven schools. Hopefully you'll find me in Boston next year. I also found out that one of my good friends who's already a super senior is now going to the alternative highschool in my town where all the bad kids go, and I'm concerned about him, but he was dragging me down.

I think I'm sick of humans overall.

Here's some recent things I wrote. They're a pair, The first is a mask of the second.

DiguiseYou there?
Um, hi.
Hey, how are you? I'm good
And I miss you and am just,
Very bored, kind of sleepy, I have no
Energy, I'm drained, I'm tired.
Because well, I've just been busy,
Really, nothing abnormal,
Or at least I think it's pretty normal,
Kind of the most average you can get if you ask me,
Everyday it's the same old thing, and
No matter what, I just can't get off track.
My god, I haven't heard your voice in a while,
Everything's good with you right?
Don't know what you've been up to
Or what it's like where you are, the
Weather, it's really great here
Not a cloud in the sky, not a wind passing by.
Again, let me know how you've been, I just
Never get to see you anymore and I don't want to
Distance myself anymore, I really miss you a lot.
Knowing you, you're probably just busy, and
I have too much time on my hands,
Life that works like that sometimes,
Like the universe doesn't want us to align, but
Everyday the same dream, you're probably just
Doing your own thing, you always di
MimicYou there?
Um, hi.
Hey uh, I'm sorry
And I miss you and am just,
Very confused, slowly dissociating, I'm
Empty. I feel numb.
Because well, I miss you,
Really, I still love you
Or at least I think in some kind of way,
Kind of a friend way, but also an
Enamored "I want to cuddle you" way, and
No matter what, in an "I care about you way".
My god, I miss you but I regret everything but
Everyday I remember you and I smile,
Do you ever miss me? Even as a friend
Or do you ever want to hold me again like I do, and
What do you even feel, I can't read you it's like you're
Not a human, just a character playing your part-
Again, I'm so sorry, I can't sleep at night
None of my dreams are free of you, and I'm
Dissociating, my mind is disconnecting
Knowing me, you probably expect no less,
I can pretend I'm over everything but
Loving you was my
Livelyhood, now I'm dead, I guess,
Everyone can see the thorns in my sides, and I ask
Do you still feel the same way? But you're the one that's okay.
My ba

Sometimes, I wonder what freedom feels like.

I've been feeling pretty trapped inside my own body lately, and there's been this void of emptiness. It first started when my ex broke up with me, and it healed for a little bit, but now it's back again and I think it's because I don't really have any friends. I'm just kind of numb to literally everything.

I really could use some people to talk to, so if you have a Skype/Discord/Literally anything outside DA please note me. I just support honestly.

Also, confession time, Galvin isn't my real name whatsoever. This is an alt. account for my poetry and feelings nobody ever will find.

I made this account in the beginning of 9th grade so I could write poems about my love life and shit without being found out, since the people I was writing about found my main DA.
Shoutout to Martin for finding this account and all the poems about him yet still being friends with me and pretending like nothing ever happened.
That aside, at this point it's kind of an empty sanctuary. I've been so inactive in APG and just on here in general so nobody really cares about me. It's like a personal portfolio, but it's nothing publishable and nothing I can show to anyone, it's a gallery of my past.

So hi, my name is Jay. I'm a gay trans Jew from Connecticut. My hobbies include everything music, cosplay, drawing, roleplaying, and using UTAU. I stage manage for my school plays, am an editor for my school's literary magazine, and plan on majoring in biochemistry and minoring in music. I really like Boston and hope to go to school there. My main account is VeRTiGo-P. All my social media links are there if you want to talk.

Secret's out, I guess. You guys would hate me if you saw what I was actually like, so here, fire away.
Shoutout to Faith who was the first to know and kept my secret, along with all my other IRL friends that watch me and haven't said a word.
Also, shoutout to Jo because unless she reads this, she probably won't realize that I'm a founder of an RP group she's in.

Hello world, here I am.
I'll still be posting my poetry here, and therefore won't be deactivating, but now if you're wondering why I'm not active, you have a reason as to why. 

Thank you if you've actually read all this nonsense. Feel free to call me Galvin/Jay/whatever. As long as you use male pronouns, I can live.

- Galvin/Jay/A Huge Faker


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United States

Everything you knew about me is probably a lie.


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